CPA for Nonprofits

CPA for Nonprofits at Henry Kulik, CPA

Nonprofit organizations have unique financial needs and challenges that require specialized accounting expertise. At Henry Kulik, CPA, our CPA for Nonprofits service is designed to address the specific requirements of the nonprofit sector.

Why Choose Us for CPA for Nonprofits?

We understand the complexities of nonprofit accounting and provide tailored services to help your organization manage its finances effectively:

  1. Financial Reporting for Nonprofits: We prepare and review financial statements that meet the specific reporting requirements of nonprofit organizations.
  2. Tax Preparation and Compliance: Our team ensures that your nonprofit complies with all tax laws and regulations, including the preparation of Form 990 and other necessary filings.
  3. Grant Management: We assist with the financial management of grants, ensuring that funds are properly accounted for and reported.

Our nonprofit services are enhanced by our other areas of expertise:

  • Bookkeeping: Accurate bookkeeping is essential for maintaining the financial integrity of any nonprofit.
  • Business Accounting Services: We provide broader accounting support that benefits nonprofits in managing their overall finances.
  • Audit, Review, and Compilation: Many nonprofits require audits or reviews to comply with regulatory and donor requirements.

Key Aspects of Our Nonprofit Services

  • Donor Reporting: We help you maintain transparency with donors by providing clear and accurate financial reports.
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning: Effective budgeting is crucial for nonprofits to fulfill their missions while managing limited resources.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We keep you updated on the latest nonprofit financial regulations to avoid penalties and ensure compliance.


Nonprofits face distinct financial challenges, and Henry Kulik, CPA is here to help. Our CPA for Nonprofits services ensure that your organization’s finances are managed with the highest level of expertise and care. Contact us today to learn how we can support your nonprofit’s financial needs.