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Massachusetts Corporate Excise Income Tax Payments

In compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, payment by electronic means is required from all corporations subject to the corporate excise. Instructions to pay electronically via the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on For Business tab
  3. Click on Web File for Business under the heading of Filing and Reporting
  4. Log in to Web File for Business account using username and password (If NOT registered for Web File for Business, click on Register to set up account)
  5. Click on Make Payment
  6. Click on Pay Tax for a Single Period
  7. Click on Pay button listed next to Corporate Excise Tax Annual and follow payment instructions.

(Instructions based on Massachusetts Department of Revenue website as of 9/7/07.)

If additional assistance is required, please call us at (978) 514-8829. We will be happy to help.

Other Costs:

  • New clients may have to post a retainer (deposit) before work is started of $500 (individual) or business ($1,500)
  • Any client that intentionally misses an appointment they scheduled may be subject to a “no show” fee, depending on the circumstances. Enforced especially during tax season if intentional. These fees range between $50 and $150. A telephone call is easy to make to re-schedule or cancel!
  • We provide permanent paper copies to clients (required by law) of all tax returns we prepare. In addition, while anyone remains a client here, as a courtesy electronic copies and other documents are available for download on a client’s web-portal. Additional copies after those are available upon request and review of identity for a minimal fee of $50 per return to cover our costs. These include paper or electronic copies. As a benefit while one of our valued clients, we cover all costs to maintain, upload, and update a web portal for you!
  • If you have left our client base, your portal will be removed within the following 5-7 days as we have new clients waiting for those spaces. (Its not unlimited!) You will need to refer to the paper copies and original source documents provided and issued/returned to you when that tax return was prepared. The portal copy is sometimes a draft copy only for preview. We always encourage everyone to rely on the mailed paper copy as the filed version.
  • Record retention policy in our office is 7 years, although the Mass Society of CPAs guideline is 4 years.